Free Online Courses For Your Kids To Learn From Home

Courses for students to learn from home

As schools in Singapore reopened on 2 June, some students do not need to head back to the classroom for lessons on a daily basis. Daily classes on school premises will be held only for the graduating cohorts of Primary 6, Secondary 4 and 5, who will wear masks or face shields while attending lessons. All other students will alternate between home-based learning and classes in school on a weekly basis.

This means that most students will still be stuck at home all day. Furthermore, home tuition is still suspended by MOE until further notice, so the only viable option now is online tuition. In order to fully utilise their free time, education company Scholastic has launched a “Learn At Home” website that has daily courses for students from preschool to grade 9. From learning about Maths based on K-pop stars to why do zebras have stripes, your child will be learning about the subjects that they normally learn in school.

The courses provide approximately three hours of lessons on a daily basis and is accessible on any device that has internet and no sign up is required. Your child will get to experience interesting courses such as geography challenges and even going on a virtual field trip!

Although Scholastic will allow the website to remain free and open indefinitely, the last day that they will publish their daily online lesson will be on 30 June. If you are still searching for more ideas for your child to learn from home during this COVID-19 pandemic, this is an alternative that you can consider.



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