Calculating A Level Rank Points – JC to University Admission

JC A Level Rank Points

The A Level examination is a make or break; failing the examination would mean retaking, going to Polytechnic or diving straight into the working world.

Calculating A Level Rank Points

Here is a summary on how to calculate your University Admission Score (UAS):

  • A maximum of 90 rank points
  • Best of 4 subjects
  • H1 Project Work
  • H1 General Paper/H2 Knowledge Inquiry

Computation of A Level Rank Points Score

Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)

So, what’s next? After calculating your A Level rank points, it is time to find out which courses you can qualify for in University. The IGP is a rough estimation of the grades required for you to enter a particular course, based on the previous cohort intake.

  • AAA/A: The 3 subjects before ‘/’ are grades for your H2 subjects, with the grade after ‘/’ representing your worst performing H2 subject or your H1 subject.
  • 90th percentile: Grades of the top 10% of students who entered the course.
  • 10th percentile: Grades of the bottom 10% of students who entered the course.
Source: NTU IGP AY19/20

Apart from IGP, these are some criteria that the Universities consider as well:

  • Co-curricular activities (CCA)
  • Leadership positions in school (Councillor, Student Leader etc)
  • Relevant internship or professional experience in the related course of study
  • Represented at national competitions

Parting Notes

The IGP only serves as a reference and does NOT guarantee you a place in your desired course. The grades for General Paper and Project Work are both assumed to be ‘C’ grade. You may also be required to meet certain grade requirement or go through an interview (such as Medicine or Dentistry course) before you are selected. Good luck!

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