Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

In recent years, a new category for Tuition in Singapore has emerged – Online Tuition. 

Online Tuition is where tuition is conducted through the use of a video-call application between Tutor and student on a computer. Many beneficiaries have begun to advocate the benefits of Online Tuition.

In this article we will be examining:

– Pros and Cons of Online Tuition
– Whether You Should Get Home Tuition or Online Tuition

Is Online Tuition really as effective as people call it to be?

Pros and Cons of Online Tuition

So you decided to get tuition for your Child, and are now deciding between getting a Home Tutor or Online Tuition. 

Although the common goal – to improve grades and strengthen foundations of students, is similar, there are many stark differences in the way Tuition is conducted.

Here is a List of the Pros and Cons of Online Tuition:

1. Need a Good Working Computer

In order to conduct Online Tuition smoothly, the student would have to have a good working Computer. 

The following accessories are needed as well:

  • Web Camera (webcam)
  • Computer Microphone 

A webcam and microphone is also needed so that your Child can converse in real-time with the Tutor through the computer. If you do not have these accessories, your Child would have to manually type out using the keyboard – substantially slower than a mic.

The valuable time wasted typing is still chargeable on the rates you booked the Tutor for, time wasted that could be better used! (See: Market Tuition Rates)

2. Connectivity/Technical issues

Live sessions are conducted over the internet (Wi-fi). 

Online Tuition is vulnerable to weak connection, interference, latency or other technical issues. 

Valuable time will be wasted trying to diagnose and solve the issue. And you will also still be liable to pay for the full duration of the lesson.

Worse still, if the problem is on the Tutor’s side and the Tutor is unable to diagnose and fix immediately. This is a problem that could easily be avoided if you got a home tuition instead.

3. Lack of Personal Connection

Which would you prefer: talking through a device or talking in real life?

Interaction between the Tutor and student is limited through a computer screen. There is no interpersonal connection, hence lacking motivation and accountability. Tutors are not there personally to guide and set expectations for the Child.

The tutor acts as a Parental/Guardian figure. The students would be more likely to strive even harder for the next test/exam to not be a disappointment – even more so subconsciously. 

Can you achieve the same effect for Online Tutors?

4. Post-lesson Talks

Usually after Home Tuition, the Home Tutor and Parent will talk about the student’s progress, future plans and tuition homework. 

You will be unable to do so for Online Tuition. 

Usually Post-lesson talks with Tutors are to assess suitability, plans for the student and also to know whether they truly care for the student.

You can only rely on your Child’s feedback on them after their online class, which may be highly inaccurate if they do not have previous tuition/tutors to compare to. (See: Request for Tutors)

5. More Lessons can be arranged easily

However, lesson frequency/tuition details can be easily adjusted for Online Tuition. If you want more lessons in view of the upcoming exams, you will be able to arrange it easily. 

Since the tutor can conduct tuition in the comfort of his/her own place – no travelling time or scheduling issues, Online Tutors can easily slot in more lessons for your Child.

Whereas home tutors have to travel around, planning their schedules around the locations that they will be around at. 

Hence it will be harder to arrange extra lessons, if you want to increase frequency with your current tutor.

So, Home Tuition or Online Tuition?

Home Tuition is the way to go now, and for the foreseeable future. 

Online Tuition is still something new and needs further refinement before it can be rival traditional Home Tuition – even longer for Online Tuition to be adopted and go mainstream. (See: Market Tuition Rates)

Judging based on the Pros and Cons of Online Tuition vs Home Tuition, you will be able to see the stark differences and make an informed choice. 

In meritocratic Singapore, it is best to do it once, and do it right. Whether it is Home Tuition or Online Tuition, your Child will need every help he/she can get in their Educational journey. 

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