Why You Should Give Tuition While Waiting For University

After graduating from Junior College, students usually wait for 9 months before entering University. It’s 2 years and 9 months if you are a guy (National Service).

During this long wait, many students take up odd jobs such as waiting at a cafe, admin jobs, etc, to earn a little bit of money to spend during their University years. The wiser students will take up tuition jobs.


1. Your critical thinking ability will still be active

Upon entry into University, most undergraduates (especially guys) will feel brain dead due to the lack of use during the 2 years in National Service. By providing tuition on the side, their minds will be kept active, better preparing them for University.

The material you are teaching might even be relevant in their course of study in University. Many courses in NUS, NTU, SMU all have primer modules. Primer modules are the basic requirements of the Major, and usually is based on Junior College knowledge – e.g Statistics and Probability, Math.

All students have to take Primer Modules, concurrently with their academic modules. Content taught in the Primer module are assumed to be known when doing your Major, so when you need a little bit more time to freshen up your content from Junior College – before you know it, you might be lacking behind in your syllabus.

Most people say that the A Levels will the toughest examination you will face in your entire academic life. People say that because they have not entered into University.

Reality: University examinations is like having the A Levels every 4 months (13 weeks + 3 study weeks = 16 weeks).

Packed with project assignments, due dates, submissions, labs, students have to ensure they are ready for their finals (5 different modules) at the end of the 16 weeks. It is like learning and mastering 5 different subjects in 16 weeks.

And on top of your school work, you have to balance your social life (new friends, new environment) and the vastly different learning landscape.

Now imagine struggling with the concepts you have mastered in Junior College. 

Although the main reason why A Level graduates take up tuition assignments is for income, the added benefit that not many know is the retained knowledge from Junior College.

2. You can continue giving tuition even in University

Doing part-time (odd) jobs such as waiting at a cafe, admin jobs, can’t really sustain you through University. The little amount of part-time job/intern pay will probably only last you for a year.

However for Tuition Assignments, students usually teach well into their University years, with some graduating University to become a Full-time Tutor. 

Many undergraduates only take up tuition jobs when in their University years, hence being at a disadvantage when compared to their more experienced peers who started earlier.

Parents are more likely to choose experienced tutors over inexperienced ones. So once you have your first student, you will be able to get your second, then third, then fourth. 

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