Primary School Home Tuition

It is important for students to make the most of this developmental stage that goes a long way in their education journey.

Education system, in general, is becoming demanding and especially in Singapore for the past several years it has become more rigorous. Primary education establishes in a kid the basics to achieve emotional, cognitive as well as psychomotor development and takes a balanced approach in building these skills up gradually as they grow. This is where primary school tuition steps in and helps the kids face these challenges without any physical or mental trauma.

Let’s understand why kids require primary school tuitions. The teaching methodologies adopted at schools are consistent as per the regulations set by the education system and are extremely focused on developing the critical and creative instincts of the kids as the foundation of education. These skills require people around the kids to give them constant attention so that they may meet the requirements of the school’s learning process.

At a tender age of 6 years, the mandatory primary school education in the school begins. For the kids to be on the right track and prove to be responsible future citizens, it is important that the foundation is well-built. Courses like Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Science or any specific Language programs are crucial in building the children’s critical skills. And so, for them to learn the most, the learning process has to be enriching, exciting and consistent.

Imagine a primary school kid having been taught all these courses as he manages a variety of other activities including co-curricular routine, homework, peer pressure and other time bound stresses! All these activities combined adversely affect the psychological and physical health of the kids. Below are only some of the benefits that a primary school tuition offers to the kids to ease their education journey.

One on one student-tutor engagement

Would you like you kid to fall behind in such a competitive world? Would you not want your child to also get 100% attention from the tutor for effective learning? We understand you don’t want any of that. This means that most of your kid’s peers are gaining an edge over him or her to handle these challenges and simultaneously manage the co-curricular as well as the mandatory classes well. And the best solution to this issue is getting a private tutor for the kid.

Better learning stimulation

As parents, we are aware that you have several other responsibilities on your shoulders and you might not be giving enough attention to your kid for their education because you are giving attention to other aspects of their learning that will help them have a great future. This means, he or she would exactly know the areas that the kid is weak in so they may work on their improvement.

Gain Competitive Advantage

In this demanding education environment, an increasing number of students are taking home tuitions so that they may effectively cope up with the challenges of the learning process and perform well in school. But there is nothing to worry about. There are hundreds of parents that face this problem and the best solution is to get you child a private tutor. Moreover, with a private tutor, complete focus of him or her remains on one kid and his development only. Kids of primary school level are usually hyper-active, which is normal for their age. This way, all kinds of distractions are also minimized and the progress of the kid gets tracked easily.

In a home tuition setting, a kid is made as comfortable as they can be and this is the most effective way of learning – let the kid be at ease while they learn new skills. This means they cannot sit for a longer period of time at one place when other kids are around them and they like to move around. On the contrary, a one-on-one home tuition setting helps both the tutor and the kid to understand each other and thus for the tutor to customize the teaching style that suits the kid’s learning. This means they won’t be giving their 100% attention to their teachers.



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