A Level Tuition

The A Level also known as the Singapore-Cambridge GCE (Advanced Level) Examination is an optional examination for Singapore students. A student can take this exam by either signing up as a private candidate or enrolling for it in junior college. This leads many parents to sourcing for A level tuition in Singapore to prepare their children for the exams.

A-level exams are popular for being excessively competitive and with a strident schedule.  Most JC students seek A-level tuition in order to cope with the demanding nature of the examinations. The trickiest part about the syllabus tested in A-level exams is that the topics are taught at a fast pace up until one month before the exams. This means that it is very easy for your child to be left behind if they fail to understand one topic in the syllabus.

Our private home tuition has created a niche in providing the best A-level tutors in all H1/H2/H3 subject. Our tutors tackle hundreds or assignments every month and as such have vast experience in guiding JC students who are looking to take A-Level exams.

Importance of A Level Tuition in Singapore

A common complaint with students who have undertaken the A-Level exams is the difficulty of the exams. The tough nature of the exams is indisputable seeing that SEAB and MOE partners with the University of Cambridge to set up the A-Level exams in Singapore. This means that these exams are even more difficult in comparison to the standard UK A-Level exams.

Because there are a lot of foreign students who come in to seek limited university placement in SMU, NUS and NTU, these exams have been made even more challenging. It’s therefore not surprising that so many JC students are seeking private home A-Level tuition to keep up with the fast pace of the curriculum they’re taught in school. Private home A-Level tuition can help your child be on the same level or even higher in comparison with their peers, and help them develop a healthy competitive attitude.

Private Home Tuition versus Tuition Center for A Level Tuition

It is no secret that tuition centers in Singapore are slightly cheaper than private home tuition in terms of the fees. When it comes to their effectiveness however, students undertaking private home tuition have been shown to perform better than those taking tuition at the tuition centers. This is no riddle; tuition centers cannot provide children with the individualized attention necessary to understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to improve their performance.  Most tuition centers are flogged with students because of their cheap rates and as a result will group the students and tailor lessons according to the needs of the average student in the group.

Private home tuition on the other hand uses a 1-to-1 model in tailoring their tuition lessons. A-level tuition requires that the teacher is fully dedicated to the student so that they can offer more than what is offered in their school. Our tutors are not only dedicated to the learners, but also focus on improving their weak areas so that they are better prepared for the A-Level examinations. To enable your child to reach their very peak potential, our skilled and experienced tutors will also use specific learning techniques and advice the students appropriately.

Why Choose Us For Your Childs’ A Level Tuition Needs?

The market of private home tutors in the Singapore Island is filled with two types of tutors; trustable result oriented tutors, and quack tutors. Then there is our tuition agency, with the best tried and tested tutors. We pre-interview all our tutors and aim at recommending to you one who meets your specific requirements. Some of the factors we put into consideration when recommending a preferred tutor include; experience, subject(s), race, gender, and schedules.  We also offer some of the best rates for private home tuition in Singapore simply because we have a wide network of professional tutors and keep recruiting new ones on a regular basis. This allows us to provide the very best tutors for A level tuition in Singapore.

Whether it’s GP, Geography, H1 History, Physics, and A Level H2 Maths or A Level Chemistry tuition, we are confident in ensuring that our students will be able to master the subjects in an efficacious manner. Our large database is thronged with eager to serve tutors, and we ensure that we don’t let down the thousands of children who are already under our guidance. Make the right decision today and seek for your child a position in this list of high achieving students we tutor.