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What separates us from others is the quality of our home tutors and the results that our students achieve, all at affordable rates.

We are the only tuition agency in Singapore that spends money to recruit home tutors. Why? Because we believe in finding quality home tutors that can produce results.

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This is just one of the many students who did well after engaging our home tutors. We all know what students are capable of achieving. They just require proper guidance (and a good home tutor!). All our tutors are aligned with MOE latest syllabus.

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English Home Tuition Rates

We are fully transparent with our pricing. Rates shown are based on last month’s matches with parents.

Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors MOE/NIE Tutors
Pre-School 20-25 30-40 50-55
Lower Primary 25-30 35-40 50-60
Upper Primary 25-35 35-50 55-70
Lower Secondary 30-40 35-50 65-70
Upper Secondary 30-40 45-50 65-80
Junior College 40-65 60-80 80-100
IB (Primary Years) 25-40 40-50 -
IB (Middle Years) 35-50 45-80 -
IB (Diploma) 50-70 70-90 -

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Commonly Asked Questions

Begin by requesting a tutor from us here. We will acknowledge and begin the shortlist within one hour. In the next 24 hours, you will receive a tutor report generated by us. Pick a suitable tutor of your choice and begin lesson ASAP!

No, there is absolutely no hidden fee.

No. Unlike tuition centres and other agencies, we do not lock parents in any contract or obligation. If a tutor is not suitable, you can terminate at anytime.

No, you will only need to pay for lessons conducted.

No! We hate deposits and registration fees as much as you do.

You may choose to terminate future lessons with tutors that are unsatisfactory. That said, our tutor termination rate till date is merely 1%.

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