Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

a) This Data Protection & Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy”, “Policy”) written on this web page explains how TutorAnywhr (hereinafter referred to as “TutorAnywhr”, “We”, “Our”, or “Us”) manages your Personal Data.
b) “User” or “You” refers to any persons who uses this website or engages our services. “Tutor” refers to persons who has registered or uses our website with the intention to register as a tutor or apply for tuition assignments. “Tutee” refers to persons who have made an enquiry to TutorAnywhr via this website or any offline means of communication such as a phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, social media, or any other means, with the general intention to request for a tutor or make a general enquiry relating to requesting for tutors.
c) Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. Users access to, and the use of the service is conditioned on User acceptance of and compliance with this Policy. This policy is applied to all visitors, users and others who access or use this Website or engage our services. By using this Website or engaging our services, you understand that it is an agreement between you and TutorAnywhr and you hereby agree to accept all terms written in here and that we and our assigned representatives have permissions to collect, use, disclose your personal data as outlined in this privacy policy. You must not use this Website if you disagree with any of this Website’s Policy.
e) If required by Singapore law or any international legislations, TutorAnywhr reserves the rights to comply with the relevant authorities.

2. Collection

“Personal Data” refers to any personal information relating to a natural person or data relating to a User’s usage of the website or payment information from any online payments via our website that is collected by us.

Personal Data can be collected automatically (Users IP address, browser type and version, information about Users visit including the URL clickstream to, through and from our Service, web pages User viewed or searched for, length of visits to certain web pages, web page interaction), through the use of tracking technologies including cookies due to our Privacy Policy.

Personal Data and information can also be collected manually through user registration forms, request forms, phone calls, digital messages, emails etc. Information transmitted through any form of direct communication to us shall be presumed to be “collected”, unless explicitly stated by User.

If you provide information about other persons (e.g. family members or friends), you must have informed consent from them to disclose their personal data to us and hereby represent them with regards to this policy agreement.

From 1st September 2019, in lieu of changes to PDPA guidelines, TutorAnywhr has ceased to collect the NRIC numbers of tutors. Existing records have also been permanently deleted accordingly.

3. Use

Our Services uses above-mentioned information for the following:

  • to operate and maintain our Service;
  • to create, manage and maintain Users personal account;
  • to facilitate our operations;
  • to analyse the activities of our Users for the specific purposes, for instance to improve the Website;
  • to prevent, detect and investigate illegal activities;
  • to investigate the breach of our Terms and Conditions and/or this Privacy Policy;
  • to protect our rights and responsibilities
  • to send User marketing emails based on the information that may be interesting for User; User is able to refuse the obtaining of such emails by sending a request to our Service or clicking the appropriate link.

We are fully compliant with Do Not Call Register requirements and do not send any unsolicited messages to the general public. Only users who have engaged our services or voluntarily provided our Service with their contact information via our website or other channels shall receive marketing information from us. Tutees or tutors who request the services of TutorAnywhr are deemed to have accepted the agreement and terms and acknowledge the willingness to receive further updates, marketing and promotions. The user can unsubscribe at any point in time by notifying us via SMS, email or any other reasonable means.

4. Display of tutor profiles on website and marketing collaterals

As a tuition matching agency, TutorAnywhr is tasked with matching students and tutors. Hence, we may use Tutor’s information as a form of advertisement on both our online and offline marketing collaterals (e.g. our Website and social media sites). In doing so, details such as Tutor’s First Name, Age, Gender, Race, Teaching Preferences, Academic Qualifications, Preferred Tutoring Locations, Tutor Category and Teaching Experiences may be revealed to the public.

Tutor details that we will not reveal to the public include: email address, phone number, last name, bank details, postal code, and uploaded documents.

If tutors do not wish to participate in such marketing collaterals, they will have to inform us within reasonable means, such as SMS, WhatsApp or email our Company.

5. Geographic location

We need to collect the Tutee’s geographic information such as postal code or address, in order to source for suitable Tutors. We may advertise this information on our website, mobile application, or third-party websites. We will take measures not to reveal your full address but it is not guaranteed. If you wish for your address to remain hidden, please inform us and let us know the location to use as a placeholder (e.g. a location reasonably near to your residential area).

6. Sharing of data during matching process

In order to remain compliant with PDPA, TutorAnywhr has implemented the following safety procedures in our operations:

  • When a Tutee requests for proof a tutor’s certificates during the matching process, TutorAnywhr will first seek the express consent from the Tutor before sending any files to the Tutee.
  • TutorAnywhr will ensure that all personal information sent is not retained by clients and will be digitally disposed off.
  • Any communication between Tutor and Tutee prior to confirmation shall be made via reasonable means, such as a conference call with TutorAnywhr, without sharing any personal data.
  • Only when an assignment is expressly confirmed by both the Tutee and Tutor, with an expressed date and time to start the first session between the two parties, we shall then send the name, number and full address of the Tutee to the Tutor, and vice versa, for the purpose of liaison.
  • If there are any disputes between the Tutee and Tutor, TutorAnywhr will not reveal personal information unless required by Singapore law.

7. Third party actions

Under reasonable conditions, we can disclose Users Personal Data with third parties for the following reasons:

  • on the legal request of governmental or law enforcing bodies;
  • to investigate the potential violations;
  • to prevent technical issues;
  • to enforce applicable law, procedures, and regulations in accordance with Singapore and international legislation;
  • for the request of processing partner for the reasons of making payment through financial institutions.

We disclose only the necessary Personal Data for third parties to perform their specific services. All reasonable measures will be taken to ensure these third-parties keep your information secure and will not use it for other purposes. If the third parties are situated overseas, we will ensure that appropriate data transfer mechanisms are in place in accordance with applicable laws.

The User Personal Data is not to be shared to third parties without user consent. Consent to receive third-party marketing communications may be withdrawn at any time by writing or any other reasonable means.

Our Website contains links to other Services, Websites or applications. The User agrees that those Services, Websites, and applications have their own Privacy Policies. Our Service is not responsible for usage, collection, and disclosure of your Personal Data by this Services.

8. Retention of information

We reserve the rights to retain any personal data collected, unless you explicitly request for us to remove your information from our records or the contract between you and us states that data shall be removed when such contract has been fully performed. If you have informed us to remove your personal data, do note that we may take up to seven days to comply and that we may retain some of your personal data internally to the extent permitted by the law.

If our company is sold, user data held by our business can be transferred to the new owner as part of the sale.

9. Security

All reasonable measures (physical, electronic and managerial procedures) were taken in order to protect the collected information from unauthorised access or disclosure, in order to ensure the User that Personal Data is secured. However, we cannot fully guarantee that the existing measures of data protection are absolutely safe in case of unauthorised access of the third parties.

The access to your Personal Data is allowed only to our Service and people authorised by our Service. We ensure that such persons keep your Personal Data in a confidential way. For example, through service agreements with our developers.

10. Cookies

The User agrees that our Service use cookies and similar tracking technologies.

Our Service uses cookies in the following ways:

  • identification of users;
  • remember custom preferences;
  • help users complete tasks without re-entering information when browsing from page to page or when visiting the site at a later date;
  • to improve our Service based on factors such as how many users visit or use our Service;
  • to measure and analyse activity on our Service;

The User is allowed to delete or block cookies at their own discretion.

11. Amendments to privacy policy

We reserve the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The User agrees to follow the most recent form of this Agreement each time the User view and use the Website. All the changes are posted in this Privacy Policy. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to our Privacy Policy.