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Stressed out over PSLE?

The difficulty level of the Primary School Leaving Examinations has been getting harder and harder in recent years, with the recent uproar on social media over the 2019 PSLE Mathematics examination paper. Evidently, the cut off points for PSLE entry to the top and elite secondary schools have been getting more competitive as MOE raises the benchmark with each passing year. What was previously tested at Secondary level is now incorporated into the Primary level curriculum. Even as we move into the new PSLE grading system, parents still want to push their children to achieve top scores to get into a desired secondary school of their choice.

Levels of PSLE Tuition

At TutorAnywhr Agency, we provide a full range of PSLE home tuition services for your child. We have a comprehensive database of private tutors available for every subject so students can choose the ones they are weak in and excel in their examinations. Below are the list of subjects for PSLE that we provide tuition for:

  • English
  • Foundation English
  • Mother Tongue
  • Chinese
  • Higher Chinese
  • Foundation Chinese
  • Malay
  • Higher Malay
  • Foundation Malay
  • Tamil
  • Higher Tamil
  • Foundation Tamil
  • Mathematics
  • Foundation Mathematics
  • Science
  • Foundation Science

All our home tutors are highly qualified and experienced in these subjects, and they will certainly ensure that students get the highest attainable grade in their PSLE. TutorAnywhr Agency will always strive for excellence and you would expect nothing less than best from us. We provide high quality tutors for all these subject levels of PSLE.

What are the rates and charges for PSLE home tutors?

The average hourly fees for PSLE home tuition ranges from $30 per hour to $70 per hour, depending on the tutor’s credentials, experiences and the level to teach.

Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors School Teachers
PSLE $30 - $35 $40 - $45 $50 - $70
Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors Ex/Current MOE Teachers
1 to 3 years of experience
More than 5 years of experience
National exam markers (PSLE/O/N/A Levels, IBDP)
Mostly undergraduates
Mostly graduates
MOE & NIE trained school teachers
Scored good grades (As) in their school days
Large pool of students, relevant levels & subjects
In-depth MOE teaching techniques & pedagogy
Young and vibrant, small age gap
Highly experienced with all types of students
Wealth of classroom teaching experiences
Most budget friendly option
Highest level of commitment
Most qualified tutor option

Expectations of TutorAnywhr Agency's PSLE Tuition

Before your child enrolls in PSLE tuition, you will need to find out if the tutoring service is up to your expectations. This is why we highlight everything that you can expect from our list of qualified tutor profiles. Below are the list of expectations that we will strive to achieve and meet:

  • Easy-to-understand techniques to memorise contents for PSLE
  • 1-to-1 undivided attention, focus, and guidance to tutees
  • Simplified explanation of concepts for all PSLE subjects
  • Additional study and reference materials, such as past year papers and notes from top schools in Singapore
  • Fun, interactive and engaging lesson plans to capture the interests of students in the subject
  • Examination techniques and tips to ace the PSLE examination
  • Unique answering techniques to ensure that students get the maximum possible marks
  • Huge improvement in PSLE results
  • Choose from our database of thousands of qualified home tutors

TutorAnywhr Agency meets all the expectations that is expected of us from students and parents. This is why you will be able to depend on us to provide your child with one of the most positive learning environments. Not only will it enhance the progress of your child, you will also notice a significant improvement in their results.

Common challenges faced by PSLE students in Singapore

The PSLE is one of the most important examinations in Singapore as it would determine the path of their secondary school education. Many parents prepare their children months in advance so that they can ace the examination. Over the duration of our tutoring service, we noticed that many students face the same challenges.

This is exactly why we ensure our PSLE tuition service helps students to overcome these challenges so that they can get into the best secondary schools in Singapore. Below are some of the most common challenges all PSLE students face:

  • Not familiar with the national examinations since it is their first time taking it
  • Tremendous stress and pressure to excel in PSLE
  • Unable to understand the importance of PSLE
  • Unable to focus during the paper
  • Large amount of content to memorise
  • Difficulty following the pace of lessons in school
  • Difficulty in applying the concepts to questions and answering well during the examinations
  • Countless of careless mistakes and losing innocent marks as a result
  • Bad time management to finish the examination paper on time
  • Unable to understand important concepts taught in class

Every student in Singapore taking the PSLE faces some of these challenges. At TutorAnywhr Agency, our teachers 

highly experienced and qualified

PSLE home tutors

Why us instead of other home tuition agency?

What separates us from others is the quality of our home tutors and the results that our students achieve, all at affordable rates.

We are the only tuition agency in Singapore that spends money to recruit home tutors. Why? Because we believe in finding quality home tutors that can produce results.

Every Parent's Dream

This is just one of the many students who did well after engaging our home tutors. We all know what students are capable of achieving. They just require proper guidance (and a good home tutor!). All our tutors are aligned with MOE latest syllabus.

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PSLE Home Tuition Rates

Our agency is fully transparent with our pricing. Rates shown are based on last month’s matches with parents.

Part-Time Tutors Full-Time Tutors MOE/NIE Tutors
PSLE Rates 25-35 35-50 55-70

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Commonly Asked Questions

Begin by requesting a tutor from us here. We will acknowledge and begin the shortlist within one hour. In the next 24 hours, you will receive a tutor report generated by us. Pick a suitable tutor of your choice and begin lesson ASAP!

No, there is absolutely no hidden fee.

No. Unlike tuition centres and other agencies, we do not lock parents in any contract or obligation. If a tutor is not suitable, you can terminate at anytime.

No, you will only need to pay for lessons conducted.

No! We hate deposits and registration fees as much as you do.

You may choose to terminate future lessons with tutors that are unsatisfactory. That said, our tutor termination rate till date is merely 1%.

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