Finding Private Home Tuition Assignments

Finding a home tuition assignment is made easier via our platform. By signing up as our home tutor, you will only need to fill up your profile details once. As a tuition agency that has matched more than 5,000 parents and students, we provide daily updates of available home tuition assignments via our Telegram channel.

TutorAnywhr Agency is the leading home tuition agency in Singapore that has a pool of home tutors who are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus. You can give tuition as a part-time freelancer, a full-time tutor or you may even be an MOE-certified school teacher looking to earn a side income. Be it a teaching interest or trying to get an alternative source of income, we are here to assist you by referring a steady stream of students.

Gone were the days when tutors have to painstakingly source for their own students by giving out flyers, posting their own classified tuition advertisements. All you need to do now is to register as our home tutor and leave the rest to us. We have plenty of assignments coming in from various sources daily, with all subjects and levels available, from preschool, primary school, secondary school, junior college, international baccalaureate to integrated programme. The most common subjects include English, Mother Tongue (Chinese / Malay / Tamil), Mathematics (Elementary / Additional), Sciences (Chemistry / Biology / Physics), and Humanities (Geography / Economics / History / Literature). With our newly revamped platform, you will be able to filter assignments according to the location, subject, level, and any other requirements such as gender preference.

Making a Living as a Home Tutor

As a 1-to-1 tuition teacher, you have the liberty of time management as a self-employed personnel. Moreover, it is a highly viable option given that Singaporeans are addicted to this S$1.4B tuition industry. Let’s say you earn a median rate of $30 per hour and you have 3 students everyday for 2 hours each, that would be $180 per day. If you work for 20 calendar days, that would be $3,600 per month. At higher levels (O Level / A Level), the rates tend to go much higher and it is not alarming that full-time tutors nowadays can rake in a 5-figure monthly income. If you are unsure what rate you should be charging, check out the current tuition market rates.

Home Tutor Tips

Unsure of how and where to begin? Firstly, you should register with us as a home tutor above. Then, subscribe to our Telegram channel to start receiving home tuition assignments. If you have been shortlisted, we will reach out to you directly to arrange for the first lesson student. This is when the real test begins. You will need to read up ahead of the topic to ensure that you are familiar with the concepts and application questions to be discussed with the student. On top of that, you will also be responsible to mark student’s assessments, worksheets, and test papers. Remember, being an excellent educator does not only mean producing results, but also motivating the student to develop an interest in the subject and develop holistically as a person as well. Whether you are a part-time or full-time tutor, parents have their own expectations that you will need to be able to fulfil.